My lovely


This is my lovely kitten sleeping under the blankie, of course in bed next to mommy.


In the winter time, when the weather is.. cold

Though I hate winter (I am reaaally getting tired of saying this), we (me and my beloved one) thought It would be a good idea to take some photos on the top of a hill near Sibiu. As I am always grumbling and mumbling that I do not have enough vanity photos for my grandchildren, he took his camera and on our way on visiting grandma we stopped for a short and cold photo shooting. I think “taking some random photos in the cold with an amateur model” is the word :) I know you tried beibi, I love your for this and not only.

Looking at the photos, I found some that I really enjoy and I also realized that I suck at doing this. I don’t have any experience and all my photos were something like :D (all teeth, all of them representing a very joyful person, so I probably wouldn’t be good at showing a serious/solemn look). I love having fun in front of the camera, but there’s a long way until I will be able to pose in something else than an uber-exicted ceetah.

See for yourself and enjoy listening my song of the day. Good night!


1979 – 2010

I just spent one of the greatest weekends ever, although I really really hate winter. First snow caught me in Paltinis, somewhere near Sibiu, where I was spending a lovely sat’ afternoon with some friends.

shakedown 1979,cool kids never have the time
on a live wire right up off the street
you and i should meet

This weekend’s soundtrack – Smashing Pumpkins – 1979