It’s here! :D

Something I wanted to show you for some time now.

My friend Ioana from Ruffles for Breakfast planned a wonderful photoshooting, with a great team. I’m so happy I was part of this, it’s been a while since I last played the model.

Just a sneak preview here. I let you read the whole story and see the wonderful photos (shot by Dragos Ometita) on Ioana’s blog.


A big “Thank you!” for everybody involved.

Credits for the title also go to Ioana :)


Red hot chili feelings

One of the concerts I’ve been waiting for years is about to start in few hours, now on the last day of summer, so dears, see you at National Arena mumbling “Dream of californicatiooooooooooooooon…manananana”

California, see you soon!

From what I know they won’t be playing Cabron, but hey, you can always give it a listen here, on my blog .. or youtube ;)

Extremely loud and incredibly close..

“We laughed and laughed, together and separately, out loud and silently, we were determined to ignore whatever needed to be ignored, to build a new world from nothing if nothing in our world could be salvaged, it was one of the best days of my life, a day during which I lived my life and didn’t think about my life at all.”









I may seem unafraid
And I may seem unashamed
But I will be special K
Never let the summer catch you down



Shot by Radu Stefan Bunea, edited by yours truly..



Have you met my good friend Maria?

“It’s despair at the lack of feeling, of love, of reason in the world. It’s despair that anyone can even contemplate the idea of dropping a bomb or ordering that it should be dropped. It’s despair that so few of us care. It’s despair that there’s so much brutality and callousness in the world. It’s despair that perfectly normal young men can be made vicious and evil because they’ve won a lot of money. And then do what you’ve done to me.”
― John FowlesThe Collector

This is actually me, trying to edit some photos my better half took last weekend. I’ll keep trying. You’ll see more of my tests here, soon.

Lachatterie skirt and floral design

Photos by Radu Bunea

Why, Supereme-Force-With-No-Specific-Name, why??

Luni a fost ziua in care cinismul a iesit la iveala si mintea mea a gandit si-a nutrit pana cand gura s-a gandit sa verbalizeze. Si multumesc fortelor supreme si vremii bune de afara ca nu a verbalizat chiar tot.

Pentru ca daca era asa as fi spus toate cele de mai jos:

Tu, draga prieten de pe Facebook, nu esti un fotograf profesionist, cu pozele alea suprasaturate si arse pe alocuri. Cei care iti dau like la poze se impart in doua categorii: ori habar nu au cu ce se mananca fotografia ori chiar isi doresc putina atentie si activitate pe facebook si mai arunca, la misto, cate un like. Ar fi frumos sa-ti scoti din denumirea profilului “Professional Photographer” ca nu pacalesti pe nimeni.

P.S. Nu mai exagera cu HDR-ul.


Tu, alt prieten de pe Facebook, pozele cu pisici sunt foarte dragute, stiu.. si eu as vrea sa le vada toata lumea dar ma abtin. Serios, fac diabet de la atata dragalasenie.


Dagi rasisti, extremisti si critici ai conditiei umane + celor care cred ca e naspa sa fii gay si sunt pro femeia incubator si anti-avort si celor care ar eutanasia in orice moment cainii.. go and kindly fuck yourself si nu-mi spuneti mie ca:

  • O sa vezi si tu cand o sa ai copii!
  • Tu nu ai trait printre tigani.
  • Tiganii nu sunt oameni.
  • E vina femeilor daca au ramas insarcinate.
  • E vina femeilor daca sunt batute/maltratate/violate.
  • Tu n-ai fost muscata.
  • Nu am nimic cu gay-ii dar sa nu se pupe in public.
  • Nu sunt rasist dar nu suport tiganii.
  • Cunosc si eu un tigan de treaba.
  • Am si eu un vecin tigan si e ok.


Dintr-o categorie speciala fac parte prietenii mei care impart vorbe de duh profunde pe facebook, gen.. iubirea te inalta, iti da aripi, te ador..  whatever.









But I like some of them, they’re are good people.. they suck at “marketing” themselves on FB, but I like them anywayz.