“I’ve already made the choice…long ago; significantly longer ago. I’ve written it down in my mind over and over again. The only thing left is to speak it out  – and all of this just because anyone needs, and therefore has the right to – a stage for each “good” scenario we come up with.

I pledge my life to goodness,
being happy and free
caring, protecting, teaching, supporting
And love.
I did it some time ago and..right now..I’m still in awe that I’m sure I found in you a feedbacker to have along my trip to Paradise.

My instruction book guidelines go something more or less like: “Think of her as of your new kitten pet” – with the amendment that “kitten” is not synonymous to “cub” or “cat”.

….cuddle me when I’m cute
and teach me when I’m wrong
keep me breathing…focused
Sex-me-up when I’m angry
..touch my mind when I’m weary….if it suits you…

I come to you, Milord, with both a request and a promise: DON’T CHANGE! – and I promise I won’t either. I can not make you happy, but I can be happy – and I don’t think you would want to see anything else when you look at me. “

By a Ladybird who went green